Nashenas The Great Singer and Composer of Afghanistan

Nashenas, born “Sadiq” on 28th of January 1935, belongs to a spiritual Habibi family of Kandahar. His ancestry goes back to Habibullah Akhundzada son of Babur Khan Kakar who had settled in Kandahar migrating from Zhob Kakar’s area in the 18th century. His father, Mohammad Rafeeq, was educated in Arabic and English languages, and served dedicatedly in various training and economic sectors of his country.

Artistic achievements and publications about Nashenas

Overall, produced more than 270 Farsi songs, over 100 Pashtu and more than 30 Urdu. Among them, 150 of his Farsi songs, more than 80 Pashtu and 15 of or more of his Urdu songs are his own compositions.

Dedicated works to Nashenas

Half a Century with Melodies of Nashenas, by Nashenas. Published in 2017

Books on Nashenas:

Fame in Anonymity. Author: Saboor Siasang, February 2019

The Innocent Suspect, Compiled by Saboor Siasang. March, 2020.

Melodies of Nashenas. Compiled by Manizha Naderi. April 2020

In the Margins of the book “Fame in Anonymity”, by Dr. Enayatullah Shahrani, August 2020

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