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بازتاب هنر ناشناس

در نشریات

گزارش نیویارک تایمز، تجلیل از روز جهانی موسیقی اول اکتوبر ۲۰۲۳، با حضور استاد ناشناس در هالند

On International Music Day, Nashenas’ Concert
Oct. 1st, 2023, Holland







The Washington Post




:گزارشی از یک کنسرت داکتر ناشناس، نیویارک تایمز

14 January 1992
He is tall, balding and scholarly looking and his name, Nashenas, means “unknown” in Persian. But on Saturday night, when Nashenas gave his second major public concert of his 40-year singing career and his first in New York, the 2,000 Afghans and Pakistanis in the audience knew exactly what his presence meant.

Men sat ramrod-straight and cried silently. Despite the heavy security in the Queens College auditorium in Flushing, others tried to dance in the aisles. The crowd roared approval and screamed out song requests. Video cameras and tape recorders were neatly camouflaged under coats.